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  • Oman’s Futuristic Pharmaceutical Care

    Pharmaceutical Care is the backbone of the healthcare industry and the Sultanate of Oman is progressively moving towards displaying itself as a role model in the field of pharma care. Under the guidance and leadership of His Majesty, The Sultan, the pharmaceutical industry of Oman works with a vision to merge medication and technology while keeping up with the latest advancements to improve the health and wellness of the people.

    Importance of Pharmaceutical Care 

    Medication and pharmaceutical care are crucial factors that contribute to improvement in a patient’s health. Pharmacists and other pharmacy professionals strive to provide uninterrupted high-quality medication to optimize a patient’s quality of life to achieve positive clinical results.

    Pharmaceutical Care in Oman 

    Oman’s futuristic healthcare approach has resulted in great progress in pharmaceutical care. Over the years, there has been a significant rise in the number of hospitals, doctors, and healthcare facilities that has led to a demand for high-quality medicine and pharmaceutical care. This has resulted in great advancements in pharmaceutical care and improved research.

    Role of pharmacists and pharmaceutical care in Oman 

    With exemplary advancements in Oman’s healthcare, the role of pharmacists and pharmaceutical care has intensified. 

    • Need for medication: It is crucial for pharmaceutical professionals to understand the need for medication as well as the supply requirement. They must assess the need for provisions for the supply of new medical equipment to hospitals for timely treatments.

    • Planning: Pharmaceutical professionals are responsible for the provision of safe medication to patients, hospitals and medical facilities. They must also visit clinics and hospitals to get a better understanding of the need for supplies 

    • Awareness: Pharmacists play an important role in a community’s healthcare. They can spread awareness and guide people to seek appropriate medical care and medication.

    • Research & advancements: There is always a need for research to provide improved medication to patients. With new technological advancements, pharmacists play an important role in providing high-quality medical care while ensuring it is accessible and affordable.  

    • Online medical care:  While we discuss technological advancements, online medicine is the need of the hour. While people prefer ordering medicines online, pharmacists and pharmacies must ensure authenticity by verifying prescriptions and keeping track of regulatory affairs while delivering medicines online.


    Finding best pharmacies in Oman 

    When pharmaceutical care in Oman is par excellence, it becomes even more essential for it to be accessible to people. The DoktorOman App makes it easy for people to find the best pharmacies near them. Apart from offering the list of best pharmacies in Oman, it also lets users view pharmacy details like address, location and contact details. When you know that the nearest pharmacy and best healthcare are just one click away, you can easily sit back and indulge in high-quality healthcare on the DoktorOman.