About Us

About Us

Welcome To Doktoroman

Doktoroman is a medical platform aggregator. It connects patients, doctors, diagnostic laboratories & pharmacies. Doktoroman improves patient & provider interaction & healthcare convenience is our primary goal. Our purpose is to book you an appointment at your fingertip.

Patient Service

Our patient-oriented services inspire us to provide the highest quality healthcare services with the perfect combination of communication, medical knowledge and hard work that go beyond patient expectations.


Aiming for excellence, we aspire to provide ethical, exceptional, innovative and quality services. Through our service, we strive to be learners at all stages while being actively involved in educating other practitioners.

Our Mission

At DoktorOman, we firmly believe that every individual deserves instant and affordable access to MOH-certified doctors whenever or wherever required. Our mission is to connect people from all walks of life to the best quality healthcare. Our entire framework is built in the foundation of bringing exceptional medical care to an individual, their family and community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make DoktorOman an uninterrupted medical service entity that caters to doctors, staff and patients today and for generations to come. Ensuring that DoktorOman’s resources are fruitfully utilized, we aspire to provide the highest quality of medical care at affordable prices. We can connect people- with or without insurance- to top doctors saving valuable time and money.

Hundreds of employers in Oman trust DoktorOman to provide medical care to their employees and staff. Prioritizing the patient at all times, we focus on developing long-term patient-doctor connections that give families peace of mind through well-integrated mental and physical medical care.

With an eye to the future, we are focused on advancing our approach to improving Society's Health.