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  • 6 Reasons Why You Need To Download The DoktorOman App

    Are you waiting in line to book your next medical appointment? Or having a hard time trying to find accurate hospital, clinic or doctor details before a visit? Absolutely no luck trying to locate the best pharmacy near you? Or you just can’t find the best health insurance in Oman? Well, it’s time to put an end to all these worries! DoktorOman is here to assist you with all your healthcare and medical needs by offering affordable and convenient solutions. From finding doctor, clinic or hospital details to easily booking appointments on the go, there is so much in store for you on the DoktorOman app. So without any delay, let’s discover 6 reasons why you need to download the app today!

    1.Digitalized Healthcare

    DoktorOman has digitalized the healthcare industry of Oman by listing the finest medical care services of the country on the app. It has made it possible for patients to easily discover the vast medical care options, find verified details and get instant access to accurate treatments.

    2.Get unrivalled results

    Are you scouring the internet for the best hospitals, doctors, clinics, pharmacies, blood donors or insurance coverage? No matter what your need, your search ends here! You can now get unparalleled results for all your queries with just 1 tap on the app. Based on location, specializations, services and other parameters, discover the best results for Oman’s finest doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.

    3.Easiest way to book any doctor appointment

    The best online doctor consultation app is here- DoktorOman introduces the easiest way to book doctor appointments. Find Doctors based on your requirement, view details like degree, specialization and consultation fee details then select the doctor you wish to consult. Easily schedule your appointment by selecting desired date and time. 

    4.Save time & money

    No more waiting in long lines, visiting hospitals in Oman just to book an appointment or driving through the entire city trying to find the best medical facility for your treatment. Save your precious time and get better value for your money by finding the best medical care results, comparing details, booking appointments and so much more from the comfort of your home!

    5.Find blood donors/Donate blood

    Finding blood donors of the same blood group is now quite simple. All you have to do is open the DoktorOman App and access the list of blood donors. You can then find their contact details, location and blood group. The app also helps you Register as a Blood Donor to donate your blood and make a difference.

    6.Virtual Consultations

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused enough fear, havoc and destruction, but it would be reckless to neglect your health in fear of contracting the virus. During these trying times, virtual consultations with medical professionals are a much safer and convenient option. Be it an online consultation with a physician in Oman or consulting a paediatrician, you can opt for online Video Consultations with Oman’s leading healthcare professionals on the app. This helps in minimizing your travel and stress while keeping you safe from the virus.


    When all your medical needs are present in 1 app, why look anywhere else? Get set to indulge in the highest quality healthcare services and get the best solutions for every medical need on the DoktorOman App. Prioritize your health, save your time and value your money. Download the app now!