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  • Accessible, Affordable & High-Quality Healthcare

    Do you think booking a medical appointment is too much of a hassle? Are you having a hard time finding the best hospital near you? Is finding a matching blood donor tedious and troublesome? Are the unbearable medical expenses making you worry? Not anymore! The answer to all your queries- Doktor Oman is your most reliable source to access high-quality medical care at affordable prices. Unlock the iron triangle of healthcare, Accessibility, Affordability and Quality, to find unmatched results for all your healthcare needs. Why does healthcare need to be accessible, affordable and of good quality? Let’s find out!


    Why is medical accessibility important?

    Medical accessibility is essential due to its impact on a person’s physical, mental and social quality of life. Access to proper healthcare can maintain a person’s well-being and prevent critical health conditions. Making medical care inaccessible due to unavailability, poor quality or high costs causes a devastating effect on human life.

    In rural parts of the world, it is difficult to access the right medical aid during a crisis. People have to travel miles to seek the right treatment for any illness. Excessive expenses and low-quality treatments just make the situation worse and have serious repercussions.

    Why should healthcare be affordable?

    Healthcare is a basic need for humans. With advancing technologies, healthcare proves to be quite expensive making it inaccessible to a majority of people in Oman and the world. Recent findings by the WHO state that half the population of the world lacks access to essential healthcare and 100 million people are pushed into poverty due to excessive healthcare expenses. Making healthcare costly is insensitive to human life. Crucial for survival during times of need, it should be easily available at a price people can afford.

    Why do we need high-quality healthcare?

    High-quality healthcare prioritizes the patient’s well-being at all costs. It is exceptionally efficient and effective. Its effectiveness ensures that there is no underuse or overuse of medical services by providing accurate treatments. Its efficient usage makes it available to people irrespective of gender, age or status. While high-quality medical care is certainly a boon, it is a sought-after privilege due to its unbearable expense and unavailability. It is essential to ensure that high-quality medical aid is available to people from all walks of life irrespective of any discriminatory grounds.

    The repercussions of not having access to affordable, high-quality medical care are quite severe. They may result in:

    • Neglected health
    • Delay in receiving appropriate treatment
    • Failure to access preventive immunizations
    • Financial crisis or debts
    • Improper management of chronic diseases
    • Increase in diseases and disabilities that could be prevented.
    • Increased death rate

    Unparalleled Medical Accessibility & Healthcare Convenience

    Doktor Oman aims to bridge this gap between patient needs and accessibility. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to have instant access to affordable, high-quality medical care. From finding the best hospital near you to finding blood donors that match your blood group, Doktor Oman instantly connects you with your medical needs. You can effortlessly book appointments and access the best medical care from the comfort of your home. All you’ve got to do is download the Doktor Oman App and you’re good to go!